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Debbie McGowan, editor at Beaten Track Publishing and author of 'Hiding Behind the Couch' and 'No Time Like The Present':

"Andrea is a true asset to us here at Beaten Track. She has an exceptional eye for detail and so much experience as a reader that she is (by a long way) our best proof-reader. When it comes to editing and screening submissions, Andrea is speedy, thorough and objective; I wholeheartedly recommend her."

Christina North, author of 'When The Heart Lies':

"I offered my book, When the Heart Lies, which was in the final pass edit, for review. I figured Andrea might find a few errors. She did, and they were the ones often overlooked.

Her enthusiasm for my book was genuinely appreciated, as it is my first, and doubts about my talent as a writer were nagging at me. She offered up a fantastic revision of the back cover - with no hesitation I leapt at the chance to snag her perfect summary of the story! Yes, it had the same information in it that I had written, but it was concise and catchy.

I look forward to working with Andrea again soon and encourage you to do the same."

Craig McGray, author of 'The Somnibus: The Complete Edition':

"Andrea has been a delight to work with; from her prompt response times, to the clarity of her suggestions, she has proved to be nothing less than professional. I look forward to working with her on future projects and recommend you contact her for a possible professional relationship as well.

Thanks, Andrea, for all of your input in helping me to make my book better."


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